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LPA Search "my headhunter" is a unique service that offers our personalized and professional one-on-one representation of you as a client candidate.  We are Executive Recruiters not a Career Management firm. 

Don't send an unsolicited resume to an employer who hasn't requested it!  You are making a mistake.   If you are ready to take the next serious step in your career search, we will go to work for you and present you to hiring decision makers who may request the opportunity to review your resume and ultimately meet with you.  My Headhunter, a service of LPA Search offers a Pro-Active, personalized one-on-one representation of you as a client candidate.

Like talent agents, we represent and work for you.  We market you as an employment candidate to client companies throughout North America whose interests match your skills and experience.  Their hiring decision makers solicit us to review your resume and then may interview you for employment consideration.  Our process could lead to offers of employment.  When you hire us we develop with you a career search campaign, counsel you on all areas of the hiring process including interviewing techniques, negotiate the terms of your employment offer on your behalf and provide you with advice that will make a difference. 

Your career search is important.  The "my headhunter" service personalizes your search by developing a smart strategy with you.  We start working for you immediately by identifying prospective employers that fit your criteria and present you to them.  Once a client has requested to review your resume, the hiring process begins.  Interviews will be arranged by us and you will be counseled on effective interviewing techniques that will lead to offers of employment.  You will receive a monthly activity report listing clients, contact information and the names and titles of the hiring decision makers who requested your resume.  From that information, we can partner with you to fine tune your career search strategy.

We believe that we can take you to where you want to go in your career... less cost to you... better results than doing it yourself! 

Remember, you are most important to us and we want to help you realize your goals.  CONFIDENTIALITY is our pledge!  Now is the time to act  and we are here to help you do that.  To learn more about the "my headhunter" service please contact our Managing Partner, Sheldon M. Ginsberg, e-mail  or call (727) 797-5856.  He will be happy to answer all of your questions, discuss our program and our fee for service in more detail and evaluate your employment opportunities.


Reprinted from the
Sunday, October 19, 2008


Job Seekers
Might Prepare
For a Longer Wait
Published: October 18, 2008
It isn't a surprise, but it's still worth noting: the time it takes to find a job is growing longer.  That's according to a survey of 3,000 job seekers conducted by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, the out-placement firm.
According to Challenger, "the median job search among those winning positions in the third quarter lasted nearly 4.4 months," up form 3.6 months in the second quarter.
It's also notable that 13.4 percent of the job seekers ended up relocating to take new positions.  That's up from a first-quarter figure of 8.9 percent, but still lower than the share who relocated in 2006 and most of 2007.
Moving is stressful and expensive, and some people may simply be unwilling to take that step.  But the lower percentage of relocation no doubt stems at least in part from the housing market.  Job seekers who are eager to move for the right job may find themselves trapped by an inability to sell their homes (and perhaps wishing they were renters right now).





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