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LPA Search is a leading professional search and corporate recruiting boutique based in Tampa Bay Florida.   The firm, with over 40 years of combined research and recruiting experience  provides the involvement of a principal with extensive senior management experience in every phase of the research, identification, recruitment and selection process that we conduct on behalf of our clients.  We understand that our client’s greatest asset and competitive advantage is their people.  By partnering with our client we assist them in achieving their tactical short term goals as well as their longer term strategic plans. 

We offer knowledge of and the ability to recruit the best talent from the best organizations.   We get to know and systematically track the top few individuals in our client's field throughout the Americas and Europe…  Our mission is dedicated to making our clients more valuable through the recruitment of the best human capital.

Our main focus is our clients and their needs…  We research and identify the source market, qualify and validate the list of prospective candidates who we then approach directly.  After determining the “Match”  we then submit to our client the individual’s background, credentials and experience to determine which candidates they will meet with.

We work with our client on an exclusive basis and provide them with the same level of professionalism as the major executive search firms, but with the personal service and attention that a boutique firm can offer.



mergers & acquisitions

law firm: mergers

Demand for law firm mergers is on the rise nationally.  Our client's include large international firms as well as local law practices.  Our experience and expertise in identifying and matching law firms sets us apart for other recruiting firms.   

Our in-depth market knowledge and thorough analysis allows us to match firms in such a way as to best facilitate their individual and combined ambitions. We take into account such areas as practice specialties, marketing strategies, billing rates, client conflicts, and other considerations that determine the success of a law firm merger.

corporate: mergers & acquisitions

At LPA Search, people are the key to our success.  As a professional search and corporate recruiting firm our network of clients in various fields provides us with the opportunity to act on our clients behalf to find a merger or acquisition for their company.

We are not business brokers.  We introduce the principals who have a serious interest in a merger or acquisition of their respective companies.  Our fees for this introduction are based on the "Lehman Formula."

The principals at LPA Search provide integrity, dedication and business expertise.  If you have an interest in a merger or acquisition, contact Sheldon M. Ginsberg, Managing Partner, (727) 242-7089 / e-mail

LPA Search process

LPA Search proactively source those professionals who are not necessarily looking for a career move, but will fit a very exacting profile.  We are equipped with a network of candidates and a powerful sound research methodology to identify and attract the right executives quickly.  Our approach is discreet and diplomatic.  We do not oversell the opportunity as we know that a call from a headhunter can be flattering and somewhat disorientating. We ensure the candidate is making an informed decision and is not "caught up in the moment".




management consulting

business:          management consulting

Troubled business?...  Weak profits?...  Businesses seeking to grow?... 


At LPA Management Consultants we have found that many of our clients are experiencing the following:

  • Their business does not operate without their direct involvement.

  • They are unable to leave their office without business interruptions.

  • They have lost their original business focus.

  • They do not have a clear succession plan in place.

  • They do not have the management organization in place necessary to accommodate their business plan.

  • They are too stubborn to seek third party assistance.

  • They are not clear as to what is the real threat to their business profitability and/or growth.

LPA Management Consultants have developed methods to turn around troubled businesses or help companies seeking to grow...  No other management consulting firm thinks the way we do nor executes strategic solutions the way we do.  It all starts with the management team...

Management equals profit or loss and growth or stagnation.       

We understand the secrets to transforming a troubled company into a successful one.  No one can argue with our philosophy...  That profits begin with  management.  Developing the right management significantly impacts your companies performance.

If you have an interest in a further discussion, contact Manuel F. Gordon, Business Affairs Partner at:

(727) 242-7089